The Dept. of Electrical & Electronics!

Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Electrical and electronics engineering is a branch of science which deals with the applications of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

The course diversifies into various fields like the multimedia programmer, technical sales engineer, and project manager. It focuses on giving students practical training to work in laboratories, project and group work.

These engineers are responsible for designing, developing and testing electrical equipment. The work profile after completing the course includes designing electronic components apart from software and network system.

Students pursuing the course may explore career options in various domains like engineering works, construction, information technology, etc.


To offer quality education in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and prepare the students for professional career and higher studies.

To promote excellence in teaching, research, consultancy activities and positive contribution to the society.


To produce dynamic, competent, knowledgeable electrical engineers who shall lead a Nation to a better future by establishing the strong teaching and research environment.


  • 1.To experience success in electrical engineering areas or other diverse fields that requires analytical and professional skills.
  • 2.To inculcate in students professional attitude, effective communication skills and an ability to succeed in multi-disciplinary and diverse fields.
  • 3.To promote students to continue to pursue professional development, including continuing or advanced education relevant to their career path and to create enthusiasm for life-long learning.