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Diploma in Civil Engineering

About Civil

Civil Engineering is one of the broadest and oldest of the engineering disciplines, extending across many technical specialties.

Civil Engineers plan, design, and supervise the construction of facilities essential to modern life like space satellites and launching facilities, offshore structures, bridges, buildings, tunnels, highways, transit systems, dams, airports, harbors, water supply system and wastewater treatment plants.

A civil engineer is responsible for planning and designing a project, constructing the project to the required scale, and maintenance of the project. A civil engineer requires not only a high standard of engineering knowledge but also supervisory and administrative skills.


To produce engineers having professional and leadership qualities with capacity to take up professional and research assignments in Civil Engineering and allied fields with focus on inter-disciplinary and innovative approach and to compete at the global level.


  • To impart quality and real time education to contribute to the field of Civil Engineering.
  • To impart soft skills, leadership qualities and professional ethics among the graduates to handle projects independently.
  • To develop graduates to compete at the global level.
  • To deal with the contemporary issues and to cater to the societal needs.


  • 1.Exhibit character and decision-making skills embodying professionalism and ethical behavior.
  • 2.Apply knowledge, strong reasoning, and quantitative skills to design and implement creative and sustainable solutions.
  • 3.Engage in life-long learning to meet evolving engineering challenges facing society.
  • 4.Exhibit strong communication, critical thinking, interpersonal, and management skills as leaders and contributors in the civil engineering profession.