Code of Conduct

Students should conduct themselves in a well disciplined manner both inside and outside the campus at all times so as to bring credit to themselves.

Students should apply for leave in advance in the prescribed form.

Whenever a student falls sick or in hospitalised for any ailment, a letter about leave of absence (containing information about nature of ailment and period of leave sought) should be submitted to the Head of the Department in the beginning of the period of leave. Relevant Medical Certificate should be submitted within three days after the completion of leave period. Leave letter and Medical Certificates submitted at a later date will not be accepted.

Workshop & laboratories

Students should wear prescribed uniforms / overcoats while doing experiments and follow the safety regulations of the workshop and laboratories.

Students should take care of tools, apparatus or other equipment given to them and should preserve the cleanliness of the laboratories and the workshop.

Care should be exercised in handling the property of the Institute and any damage caused casually or willfully will entail disciplinary action and recovery of cost.


Students are strictly forbidden from organizing or taking part in strikes or demonstrations.

Students should not take part in any political activity.

In all the academic or disciplinary matters the decision of the Institute authorities shall be final

Ragging is a crime. Any student found involved in the dastardly act of ragging will be expelled from the institute with the issue of transfer certificate irrespective of the stage in which he / she is studying.